When you have someone you love and care about disappear Christmas is very hard to get through. The first years are the worst but really it doesn’t get any better…you just learn to live with the pain. Our son has been missing since January 10, 2006 and I honestly don’t know if we will ever feel the same way about Christmas. Like many families our Christmas time was family time and when you have a family member that is missing the absence is overwhelming.

My heart aches for the families that are dealing with the first Christmas without their loved one, it really is the not knowing what happened to cause your loved one to go missing that is the worst. I never understood why people say you need closure…I do now.

I wish I could say to all the families with a missing loved one that it gets easier…. it doesn’t but somehow you learn to live with the empty feeling on Christmas day.  The first three or four years I couldn’t even watch some of our favorite Christmas shows without crying and feeling sick to my stomach.  I watched Charlies Browns Christmas this year and it felt good to remember the family sitting together, drinking hot chocolate, and enjoying some snacks.  I imagined it was snowing outside,house was decorated, fireplace glowing  and the stockings all hanging up all in a row.

Your loved one may have gone missing but just remember “Family is Forever.”