When an adult goes missing even reporting them missing can take time. I think a lot of people just can’t actually believe that someone they love and care about could just vanish and quite often will begin the search themselves.  Even when you report a missing adult to the police there is not the same concern as if it were a child….of course! Usually it will take anywhere from 3-4 days before the media picks up on it. If your lucky it will be picked up by media across the country because  that will get the most exposure about your missing loved one. Our son Michael had been missing for almost a week before we were able to do a press release with the RCMP. We were both absolutely exhausted and so very worried about our missing son.

Unfortunately the media reports ‘new’ News and if there is nothing ‘new’ about the missing person case it soon becomes less news worthy. However you can contact the news with any updates or on the anniversary ( week, month, year etc) and if your lucky you will have  your missing loved one mentioned again in the media. All it takes is one person to have that missing information that can explain where your missing loved has disappeared to.

It is very frustrating (and sad) when you have a missing loved one and it is on your mind 24 hours a day. Our son Michael went missing almost 6 years ago and its the last thing I think about before I fall asleep and the first thing I think about when I wake up. I am so thankful for our other two children ( and now two amazing grandchildren) and they are constantly on my mind as well. I think as parents we  think   about our children no matter what age they are.

When I started this blog the beginning of this year I knew there was a lot of young men in BC but I am really amazed at how remain missing, vanished it seems. Some of the missing can be explained, perhaps they live a high risk lifestyle, have mental health issues, and some may want to be missing. But if you look at how many men are missing and removed the possibilities of why they went missing, (just because of their lifestyle does not necessarily mean that’s why they went missing)you have a lot of people who have just disappeared.