Today the family of Matthew Huszar announced they are offering a $10,00.00 reward for  information to explain Matthews disappearance. Matthew has been missing since December 16, 2011 from Vancouver BC while celebrating the Christmas season with some friends. I watched  the news cast today and heard the family’s heartfelt plea for answers and I felt their pain and know that helpless feeling. At least for today Matthews name is in the media and hopefully it will stay in the media for a bit longer. Its horrible when your loved one is missing and it’s not news anymore. You want to stand on the tallest mountain and let everyone know to keep looking but unfortunately the world just keeps on going on even if your world has come to crashing halt. It is the not knowing that is the worst. You can’t understand how someone who you love and care for can disappear into thin air. According to everyone that knows Matthew there is no explanation for his disappearance. Unfortunately there have been a lot of men around Matthews age that have gone missing in BC, vanished it seems over the past years. Yet apparently there are no similarities….

I really hope that this reward will get some answers for the family and friends of Matthew.