What a great idea! Penticton Community Policing are offering free identification kits for children this weekend. “It’s something nobody ever wants to have to dig out, but if your child ever does go missing, it can help bring closure to the case,” said Jim Porteous, Penticton safety co-ordinator. “It is a record that the parent can have available so that if their child should go missing, it can be a starting point for police to start tracking them.”

The volunteers will be taking finger prints to give to the parents to and are advising to put a recent picture and a sample of the childs in  a safe place  with the finger prints. If the worst thing can happen and your child goes missing this information can save a lot of time and time is precious when a child goes missing. The first 48 hours are crucial in all missing persons cases.

I have looked around on the internet and there are many kind of kits that are available for anyone that would like to have one and most are very reasonable. I know I will be hunting one down for my grandchildren….

Hats off to the Volunteers for Citizens on Patrol in Penticton!