Currently there is a petition to create a Data Bank for the Missing People of Canada. I have a link on my blog and many people have signed this petition. I was surprised to find out that the idea of Missing Persons Data Bank was first presented in 2003 by former MP  Gary Lunn . He introduced a private member’s bill to amend the DNA  Identification Act  that would address the issue of missing people in  Canada. Then in 2006 it was  put forward by Ontario MP Mike Wallace who  recommended changes in the House of Commons to the same  bill. Again in 2009, a senate committee recommended changes to the DNA Identification Act that would allow for the inclusions of missing people to make it easier to identify but there is still no DNA Data Bank for Missing People of Canada!

My husband and I gave our DNA sample to the RCMP over four years ago and since then there have been several bodies found in the Okanagan area and our son was ruled out by the DNA. But what about the rest of Canada? A missing person could end up anywhere in Canada or the United States. The United States by the way does have a National DNA Bank for missing people. It is called NamUS

There currently is a Data Base for the criminals of Canada and in that Data Base there are over 50,000 DNA samples. If anyone of our politicians had a missing loved one I’m sure they would push harder for a DNA Data Base for missing people.