The disappearance of a young man in the prime of his life use to be unheard of twenty years ago. Now in the past decade it seems like there are more and more young men going missing. Perhaps it’s because we have the internet to advise us of missing persons almost immediately after they are reported missing, at least we hope we hear about them.  I have wondered for a while if there is some sort of connection to the missing men,  how can so many young men, healthy strong men just vanish?  I have also been watching the inquiry into the missing women of Eastside Vancouver and  no one (except one cop) would admit there was any connection with the woman who were vanishing for years. Could all these men disappearing be the work of a serial killer? Is that even possible? Or is it something else that connects these young men. Could  Suicide  be a connection?The highest rate of suicide is  men in that age group. Some people have suggested these men are abducted for body parts. That’s a horrible thought but this is something that is happening in other countries of the world. Is this a possibility in BC, in Canada? I really hope not. Perhaps they  just wanted to start a new life, leave the old one behind? I guess that is a possibility as well.

The connection I know there is with these missing young men is the excruciating pain it causes for family and friends of the missing person. The frustration and heartache is unbelievable. When a new person  is reported missing they are lucky if they make the TV news and its hard to watch the families and or friends beg for answers. Some will offer rewards, some will organize search parties, many will set up a Facebook page or websites hoping for answers. Each one of these missing men have family or friends who lives will be forever altered and left in limbo.

Is that the only connection or is there something more sinister going on with the missing men of BC?

Suicide rates

Stolen body parts…. could it be happening here?