Brian Braumburger went missing in June 2007 at the age of 18 and his family has been searching for answers since. Brians father, Ron Braumburger, is just one more person with a missing loved one that would like to see a Canadian DNA Data Base for the thousands of missing people of Canada. Ron says his family needs closure and that is the same for all the families with a missing person. Currently there are over 600 unidentified human remains through out Canadian Coroner’s Offices but without a Central DNA Data Base for the Missing of Canada they may never be identified. Ron says the changes can’t come soon enough, “”Who knows, maybe they’ve found him in Ontario, but there’s no link back. There’s tons of DNA just sitting there, but there’s no way to  connect it.”

I know I have posted many times about the lack of a Canadian Missing Persons DNA Data Base but that’s because it is so badly needed for the famlies with a missing loved one. Your lives hang in limbo and each time a body is found you live in fear not even knowing what to hope for but knowing you need to find the truth about the disappearance of your loved one.

Hopefully with more and more people become aware of the many missing people of Canada the last petition that was submitted February 1, 2012 will get the ball rolling. The United States has a Central Data Base and solved close to 100 Missing Person Cases in 2011. It’s not the outcome that any family wishes for but the closure is so badly needed.