Retired RCMP Insp. Don Adam, who worked for the RCMP for over 34 years blames the lack of a Canadian DNA Data for the Missing with the slow progress of the solving the disappearances and murders of so many women from Vancouver BC.

Don Adam looked directly at Wally Opal and said “I cannot overstate to you how damaging it is that our country has not chosen to  have a DNA databank for the missing.” This is so true for all the Missing People of Canada! Currently any DNA that is on file is not shared between provinces and quite often not even with police agencies in the same province. The DNA that was collected by the Vancouver Police did not mesh with the RCMP system. That is ridiculous in this  day and age of our technology.

On February 1, 2012, MP Ray Boughen presented a petition to the Government of Canada for a National DNA Data Bank for the Missing People of Canada.  Although the MP has presented the petition , it is not the first time a petition for a National DNA Data has been presented to the Canadian Government so lets continue to add names to the Petition that is linked to this blog.

I think of the family and friends of the many women that were murdered and can’t even begin to imagine their pain and frustration. There is still a lot of DNA from that horrible farm that has not been identified and it could easily be someone who is missing from another province.