Whistler BC

Whistler BC (Photo credit: Roger Lynn)

When someone you care about goes missing you will put as much information in the public  about your loved one as possible in hopes that someone, somewhere will have a tip to solve the mystery.Unfortunately that is when the families and friends of the missing can  become a target. Our son had been missing for almost two months when we were contacted by a woman who said she was a physic and could tell by  putting her hand on Michael’s missing poster where he might be. The price? $500.00. It’s pretty easy to say you can see Mountains,Water, Trees, Rocks as this describes most of our province.

Recently there was a scammer trying to cash in on the disappearance of Micheal Grefner’s from Whistler BC.  By using the contact information on the Facebook of the popular DJ they contacted various “friends” saying they were Michael Grefner and needed money so he could make is his way home. How low is that? Disgusting the way some people can play on the families of the missing emotions.

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