On Wednesday February 22, 2012, two young women were groped in separated incidences but by the same man. The first incident happened at around 11:00 am the pervert sat next to a twenty year old woman on a bus and began groping her legs and genitals. The woman was horrified as you can imagine and jumped off the bus at the next stop, and boarded the sky train. The man followed her onto the Sky Train and then chased her when she got off the Sky Train. Wow how scary is that? There is definitely something wrong with this guy!

Four hours later the man again boarded the Sky Train and groped a teenage girl. The creep sat down next to the girl and started rubbing her thigh. When the train entered the next station the girl ran for help and the man escaped in another Sky Train.

Police are advising to people to report incidents like this right away so they have a better opportunity to find the suspect.

Please take a close look at the picture if you live in the lower mainland area!


UPDATE Police have arrested Yusuf Ziya Kocak but he has been released and has a court date on March 6, 2012