I love how when ever something happens the Mental Health Board will “review” the situation. How about just some common sense? It seems our Mental Health System is deteriorating almost daily!

This week an innocent elderly man was stabbed by a 30-year-old, Mohamed Amer, who is known across Canada for violence and property crimes. The Vancouver Police picked him up twice on Tuesday February 21, 2012 and brought him to the St.Pauls Hosptital for assessment and twice he was released into the public! This is not a very good Mental Health System. If the Police have suggested this man has mental health issues don’t you think he should at least be assessed for a few days…find out what is going on? But no… this man was just let go and the following afternoon he sits down in a random coffee shop and stabs a random person!

The Mental Health Act allows hospitals to keep a patient involuntarily for up to 48 hours for examination and treatment provided they are examined by a physician who finds they suffer from a mental disorder. If a second doctor examines the patient and concludes he is mentally ill the patient can be kept longer.

Now of course there will be a review board ( a committee to set up a committee to form a committee) to discuss the circumstances leading to Mohamed Amers release…TWICE!

Providence president Dianne Doyle is quoted as saying “Because the public is aware of a particular incident, it’s important for us to be able to get back to the public with what recommendations, if any, an expert panel might provide.”

What about all the cases that the public is not aware about? And trust me there are many! Too Many! People with Mental Health Issues are not getting the treatment they need.