It is shocking to find out that slavery is happening in the province of BC. Disgusting! According to the Salvation Army’s Website “The Truth isn’t Sexy”  there are 27 million slaves world-wide! About 250,000 of them are in North America with some residing in Vancouver. About 75% of human trafficking is for sex, followed by forced labour and organ harvesting. About 80% of people sold into slavery are under the age of 24! Only about 2% of slaves are rescued. Wow that’s some pretty disturbing numbers.

I have always thought that slavery was in foreign country’s and I had no idea the number of people trapped in slavery. What a horrible existence for these people. But it is happening in Canada, mostly to young woman,although it is hard to detect because it is hidden and no one talks about it. The women are controlled by fear and don’t see any way out of their nightmare. In one case in BC a woman was terrified because she had been forced to watch other women being tortured and killed.

Human trafficking is such a big business it is only second to the Drug and Firearms Trade and we all know how bad these are and yet we are not nearly as aware of the Slavery Issue.