It looks like the police have learned from the Picton Nightmare and when there was a report of a Vancouver woman sexually assaulted December 4 2011 and then a second woman December 18 from Burnaby, the two cases were linked. Over 50 officers began working on the case and it became a priority. Last week Shaelendra Kuma Sharma, 43, was arrested and charged with 12 criminal accounts involving four woman. The Charges include four counts of confining the women, one count of  kidnapping, two counts of assault relating to the 2011 incidents, and one count  of uttering threats. He is due back in court March 2, 2012.

Police believe there are more victims and that the Sex Offender is responsible for assaults as far back as 1994.  Hmmm sound familiar? Since 1994? Wow? That’s a long time for someone to be committing Sexual Offences on women. Police say the arrest of Shaelendra Kuma Sharma is due to two women who reported the attacks in December 2011. I’m certain this had a lot to do with all the publicity about the Missing Women Inquiry that is on-going. Good! Let’s hope more people will report these horrible crimes and make the streets safer for everyone!

Yesterday Maffie De Vris, sister of Sarah De Vris, who was brutally murdered by Robert Picton, read some of the excerpts from her sisters diary and it is heart breaking to hear how helpless these woman were. We need to remember that no matter if someone is a drug addict, homeless, or mentally ill, they are someone’s loved one. Every disappearance of a person needs to be a priority…..

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