On February 2, 2012 a deceased male was found laying in some hedges in the fetal position under a blanket in Vancouver BC. Through fingers prints police were able to identify the 61-year-old man and contacted the family in Ontario.

The man had been living on the Eastside of Vancouver and was known for Mental Health Issues. In September and October of 2011, the Vancouver Police found him in poor condition and suffering from Mental Illness. Both times  the Police brought this gentleman to the  Vancouver hospital and both times he was released. Obviously in September he was released fairly quickly because he was found again  October in rough shape and once again was brought to the hospital.  I am really curious how long he was kept in the hospital and if he spent any time in the Psychiatric ward. I have my doubts!  This happens way too often that people with Mental Health Issues are released much too soon from the hospital and with little or no support. In this case it was the Mental Health Patient  who suffered the consequences but about three weeks later 30-year-old Mohamed Amer, who is known across Canada for violence and property crimes, was brought to the hospital twice for assessment because the police could see he was suffering from Mental Illness. Both times Mohamed was released almost immediately and the last time he was released he stabbed an elderly man who was just sitting in a coffee shop minding his own business enjoying a cup of coffee. Of course this random stabbing made the news and the Vancouver Health Board has promised to review this case. Hmmm Wonder how long that will take? Just how many people are falling through the huge cracks in our Mental Health System and what will it take for this problem to be fixed?