I was disgusted to read that the request of Allen Schoenborn to have his ‘annual review’ delayed seven months so it’s not near the anniversary of his children’s murders was granted by the review board.   These were Murders that he committed, just to get back at his wife, Darcie, and cause her grief….which he has succeeded in!

Darcie has advised the courts that Allen is manipulating and she fears for her life if he is ever allowed out. Unbelievably the review board was planning on letting Allan out for day passes a year ago. The public was outraged, and rightly so, that a murderer would even been considered for day passes so he could ‘go for coffee.’ Several petitions were started up and one of them is linked to this blog. The board eventually reversed their decision after all the outrage from the family and general public. And yet again it seems that this criminal, the killer of three innocent children, has more rights than Darcie, the victim and mother of the three murdered children.

Darcie cousin advised “Allen Schoenborn is a manipulative, dangerous, violent man The system is failing. The review board doesn’t seem to care about the victims  [or] public safety.”

You would think that people who work with criminally insane would not be so gullible as to believe a criminally insane killer.

Here is a link to the petition I started last year. http://www.gopetition.com/petition/44669.html

This man should never, ever be released….