The Vancouver police are asking for any one  who witnessed the attack of a 14-year-old girl around 11 PM Monday March 12, in the downtown Eastside of Vancouver to please come forward. The girl was walking down the street when she was thrown to the ground by three men who started kicking her. Luckily a vehicle pulled up and scared the attackers away. Apparently a woman was bothered  by the same three men about a half hour earlier. This is the descriptions the Vancouver Police has released of the three men:

Suspect #1:  white, approximately 6’5″ tall with a chubby build, clean-cut with black hair, wearing a dark jacket and jeans

Suspect #2:  white, 5’5″ tall, slim, with brown hair and facial hair under his lower lip and above his chin, wearing jeans and a sweatshirt

Suspect #3:  white, 5’5″ tall, slim, with black hair and wearing all black clothing