Fribjon was reported missing January 21, 2012 from Fort St. James BC. Three weeks later on February 3 police confirmed there were human remains found in a vacant cabin  on the Nak’azdli reserve in Fort James BC. It was a very sad day for the family and friends of Fribjon. Now police have released more information that the “remains” that were found were not Fribjon’s body but they are certain the young man has passed away. I was horrified to read that information and can only imagine how horrible this is for the family and friends of Fribjon. The family is making a desperate plea for any information that could lead to the body of Fribjon.

Here are the words from Fribjon’s Mother Eileen:

“Fribjon was our son. He was a father to two beautiful children and best friend  to his sister, Amanda. He was kind, helpful and generous. Our family is stunned  and devastated by his death. How could somebody do something so horrible to him,  or anyone? Every time we thought it couldn’t get any worse, it has. What are we  going to tell his children? How will we explain to them what happened to their  daddy, when we don’t understand it ourselves. We need to be able to put our son  to rest and give him a proper burial. Our family needs some closure and finding  Fribjon’s body is the first step. We are pleading to anyone who knows anything  to come forward and tell us what they know, no matter how insignificant it may  seem. We have had a memorial service for him and have smudged the house where we  found evidence of his death but we are still missing Fribjon. We would like to  be able to spread his ashes and have a closed family service but we can’t do  this until we recover his body. We will always be looking for him, until he  comes home to us. Please help us look. We are asking people to keep their eyes  open for anything suspicious; birds, clothing, something in the lake, etc.  Fribjon was a good person, he did not deserve this. Please help us.”

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