It was a usual day at work today  until I saw the news release that a body was discovered by a creek on the Westside of Kelowna.  My heart did the usual flip-flop and sink when ever I hear of a body being found. My mouth went dry and I felt my hands begin to shake. I guess that will always happen unless our son is found. Police say an autopsy is needed in order to identify the body and at this point it is not known if this is a male or female. There has been some speculation that this body could be that of  a young man who went missing from this area a few months ago but I will not post that thought for the sake of the family and friends of this young man There have been  several people who have gone missing from the Kelowna area over the years but it is hard to say if this is even someone from this area. I know the chances that this body is our son is very remote but it is definitely somebody’s son or daughter/sister or brother and for them I grieve….Thoughts are with all the families of the many missing people of BC