When a loved one goes missing the family and friends will try to get as much information out to the public, the description of the missing person, the favorite places they like to go, what they were doing last, many will start a missing person Facebook page and hang up posters in as many places as possible. The RCMP will list the missing person on their website, although some of the missing will be listed on other police websites depending on where they are missing from. I watch the news and check the police sites several times a day and try to get the missing persons posted as soon as possible as the first few days a person is missing are the most important. Quite often, once the media has posted the missing persons and the public are aware the missing person will be found. That is the best case scenario for any family with a missing loved one. As the days turn into weeks and then months and sometimes years its very hard to stay positive and hopeful but until your loved one is found you always have that tiny ray of hope. I often dream of our son just showing up at our doorstep or phoning and love to imagine how our lives would change. I know its only a dream and wishful thinking but I am sure many families with a missing loved one have the same dream. Its better than the nightmare you are living day in and day out.

Unfortunately when someone is found, the public is not always made aware. Quite often the found missing person will remain listed as missing on the many missing persons sites that are mostly run by people like myself. I make a point of occasionally checking the link to the RCMP or police site and if the link does not work or is blank it usually means the person has been found. I have made a suggestion to the RCMP that they should at least put a FOUND on the link instead of just leaving it blank. I don’t know if they will even consider my suggestion but just be aware that not all found people are reported as being found. If you happen to be looking at a missing persons profile on this blog and notice that the link no longer works or is blank please let me know by either a comment or email me at wenswritings@hotmail.com.

Hopefully one day we will have a Provincial Run Missing Persons Central Data Base  that is updated daily with a link to  the many police and RCMP in BC. Ideally each Province in Canada should have its own Central Data Base and they should all be linked.

Over the next while I am going to really check to make sure everyone that is listed as missing is in fact missing. As well I will be updating the profiles of the many missing. If you have a loved one that is listed on my blog and would like to have something added to the posting please let me know.