Richard was a former Scout Leader who has been convicted of many sexual assaults against young boys, including a kidnapping of a 11 year-old boy in California in 1975. He was arrested for the kidnapping and sexual assault of the boy and sent to State Hospital as “mentally disordered sex offender.” Richard served 18 months and was then released and told to move back to Canada. In 1979 he began living in Victoria BC and joined the Scouts there. He kept his house filled with ice cream, candy, alcohol and porn. Richard had many children in his house over the years including Scouts and molested many of them!  He was finally arrested in 1995 and charged with four molestations but admitted later there were dozens more. Richard served five years in prison and seven years of long-term supervised parole,which was completed in 2009.

Richard was interviewed by CBC while he was living in Alberta after serving his time and completing his probabion:

Now that he has completed his probation Richard can live where he chooses and  moved to Penticton BC a few month ago. Because Richard has completed his full probation the RCMP do not have to warn the public!  Luckily enough several people have come forward to the Penticton Herald Newspaper who has done a story about this convicted Sex Offender.