On Saturday March 31, 2012 a man riding an ATV in the area near the Red River, Manitoba discovered a partial skeleton and phoned the RCMP. The remains are suspected to be human but more testing will needed to done. The RCMP searched the area for more evidence and then concluded their investigation but were called back after a member of the press found another bone that appears to be human. The RCMP advise they don’t even know if these two bones are related….and said they will review their files of missing persons.  According to Sgt. Line Karpish “We’re not discounting any possibility, we’re not looking at something that’s a recent death.”

It’s a very good possibility that these bones are a resident of Winnipeg but in reality they could be remains of a  missing person from anywhere in Canada. It will take months if not longer for the remains to be identified, unless the person is a criminal and has his or her DNA in the DNA Data Bank of Criminals. How ironic is that?

There are so many families throughout Canada that are constantly wondering when or if they will ever find their loved one and sadly there are over 600 unidentified remains in many Coroner’s offices across our Country.  It will be interesting to see how long the remains that were found near the Red River will take to be identified…

Canada desperately needs a  DNA Data Bank of ALL  the Missing People in Canada!