Although this happened in Calgary Alberta I thought I would post this in my blog considering that Calgary is only hours away from BC.

Two children ages 9 and 10 were walking down the street on Tuesday April 3, in Calgary when a car pulled up and the driver got out and actually grabbed  one of the children right off the ground! Luckily this child knew what to do and began screaming and kicking which scared the offender  away and back into his car. So very thankful this child knew what to do! If you have children in your life make sure they know how to react to an abduction:

Act like a stranger and see how your children react. Teach them the proper way to respond. Kids should:
  • Run away.
  • Yell loudly.
  • Say exactly what is happening Examples:
    • “Help, this is not my Dad.”
    • “Help, this is not my Mom.”
    • “Help, I’m being kidnapped.”
    • “Help, call the police.”

    If Children just scream, people may think they are only throwing a temper tantrum.

The more you practice the better your children will be at responding to difficult situations