When you have someone you love and care about go missing – disappear in to thin air – every day is a struggle but holidays like Easter can be especially brutal. Our son Mike has been missing for over 6 years and it is on my mind constantly, but in order to survive you put one foot in front of the other and carry on as best you can. This weekend I am thinking of the many families and friends of a missing person who will be dealing with their first Easter without their loved one. If you know someone like that let them know you are thinking of them…even if they shed a few tears it will still be a comfort that their loved one is thought about on this day. Often what happens is that as time goes on the Missing Person is mentioned less and less, but trust me they are only being missed more and more.

I have no wise or wonderful words that will make it any easier. It doesn’t get easier but some how you learn to live with the pain and emptiness that comes when all the family is together. I am thankful I can reach back in my memories of Easters past. I regret that I worked pretty much every Easter Sunday while my children were growing up but we did have chocolate in the morning before I went to work and there was always a turkey dinner with all the trimmings.

Over the years I have learned that many of the tried and true sayings really are the way it is….”You never know what you have until it’s gone” is one that rings so true.  “If only I could turn back time,” is another one that I think of often and wish so badly that was a possibility, even just to be able to say one more time “I Love You.”

But these are only dreams and hopes and sadly that is what we are left with when someone you care about disappears.

I am thankful for the many great memories I have of the Easters past with our children. Mr. Solid was a staple every Easter and even as the kids got older that was the one chocolate that was waiting for them Easter Morning.  Every Easter we cooked a huge turkey with lots of mashed potatoes and gravy. The kids all like to make a little pond in the middle of their mashed potatoes mound and fill it with gravy. Chocolate pudding and Ice cream finished the meal off nicely.

Now we have grand children that will be doing an Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Morning at our house. Our family will be here to watch the little ones scurry around the yard looking for those precious eggs and I just know that our son Mike would have enjoyed this so much. I can just see him laughing at the antics of the children and I know he would have taken a few of the eggs and hid them in extra hard spots so the kids would be searching longer. But this is just a fantasy and in reality it will just another day without our middle child.

Family is Forever