The DNA that was found at the crime scene of Taylor Van Deist murder in Armstrong BC was a match for a Sexual assault that took place in 2005 in Kelowna BC, six years earlier. But the DNA of the murderer was not in the Criminal DNA Data Bank so police could only say it was the same person in both crimes but were unable to identify the person.

So how did they finally get a match without the identity of the criminal in the Criminal DNA Data Bank? It has been suggested that it was a case of partial DNA data match, which means that the criminal is related to a criminal in the DNA in Criminal Data Bank. This is called familial DNA searching, which is not legally allowed in Canada at the present moment. Now why would something like this that is so helpful to find the criminals not be allowed in Canada? Because of the privacy laws is what it boils down to!

Why is Canada not using the DNA to its full potential. Currently there is no DNA Data Bank for the many missing people of Canada. Obviously each person that is missing could have DNA on file, even if it is familial DNA .

My heart breaks for Taylor’s family and friends and cannot even begin to imagine the horror that they are living with every day, but I’m sure it is a comfort to know that the murderer has been caught.