When someone you love goes missing your life is turned upside down and inside out. Your whole focus is finding out where your loved one has disappeared to. As days turn into weeks, then months and sometimes years you begin to wonder if you will ever locate the missing person. So many people will mention the word “Closure” like it will fix everything…but really the only thing that will help is to find your missing loved one alive and well, with an amazing explanation for their disappearance. Families start to wonder about planning a service or memorial. When or is there a good time for this? It is entirely up to the family and friends of the person. For some families with strong religious beliefs they may need the service to feel they are placing their faith in God. For others it may be a way of saying they accept their loved one is no longer living on this earth. But for many, including ourselves it is just too painful to even think about.  I am by no means saying there is any right or wrong way when it comes to a service for a missing loved one but an individual choice. It doesn’t have to be a formal service but can just be a gathering of friends and family to share the memories of days past and give each other comfort. Will we ever have a service for our son without finding him?….at this point I highly doubt it, but never say never. Go with what you feel comfortable doing and don’t worry what other people suggest. Most people who will be advising either way have never experienced a missing loved one.