There have been several reports of bodies being found in BC recently. Last week a woman’s body was pulled from the Fraser River and a body was found in Powell lake.  There has been speculation that the body in Powell River is that of a business man who went missing in 1984 but I have been unable to find any information of a man from Powell River that is missing. During the course of searching however I did find a few more women of BC that have been missing, mostly Vancouver and sadly almost all are drug addicts that lived a risky life style. However all of these women have families, some even children who would like some answers. I found it very sad that these cases were so unknown and yet the families of these women are wondering and living with the unknown every day.

I have noticed over the past few years that when human remains are found  it is usually a small story in the media. If we are lucky the body will be identified within a short period of time and sometimes they will withhold the name as per the family wishes. But at least we know that these remains have been identified. I find it very frustrating when there is no more updates about the remains and the public, which includes many family and friends of missing loved ones are left in the dark, only to speculate who the body may be.

So we know that the authorities in Powell River think the body found is that of a missing business man from 1984 but that has not been confirmed that I can see in the media. Families with missing loved ones need to know that for sure the human remains and bodies have been identified.

I know I repeat myself a lot about the lack of a Missing Persons DNA Data Bank for Canada but if we had one I think the families of missing loved ones would feel a lot better knowing the DNA of their loved one can be eliminated right away. The DNA gathered for this Data Bank would be the nearest blood family members of the missing person. This is called familial DNA searching, which currently is not legal in Canada but is used in the United States and has solved many missing person cases over the years.  Canada  desperately needs to start using the great discovery of DNA to its full potential.

In the meantime family and friends with a missing loved one can only wait and see if they remains or body will be identified in the media. When you have someone you love go missing you become very aware of the bodies and remains that are found, especially if they are close to where your loved one went missing.  It would be nice to know  at least  the remains or body have been identified even if the name is not released.

Thinking of all the family and friends of missing loved who are waiting and wondering….

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