The Surrey RCMP  advise they will be highlighting one missing person case a month, hoping to gather leads to solve the mystery of the disappearance. This is a great idea and hopefully the other RCMP detachments and police offices will follow suit.

This month the RCMP are highlighting the missing case of Stephen Begg, 36, who went missing from his home in Surrey BC on February 6, 2011. Last year Stephen’s father came from the USA to plead for any information about his missing son. For the family and friends of a missing person the worst is the not knowing what has happened to your loved one.

Corporal Holly Turton, head of the unit, advises they will be highlighting  many cases from the past years and said “There’s going to be a real mix. We’re trying to keep people’s attention and to show people what it is that we do for different types of investigations at the Missing Persons Unit.” Corporal Turton goes on to say that these cases are never closed until the person is found. By highlighting a Missing Person each month the RCMP are hoping to let the public know that the missing person’s file is still active.

This will also show the public just how many people do go missing and from all walks of life. Unfortunately not all missing persons get the same media coverage but the families and friends of the missing persons all share the same pain and frustration. It will be encouraging for the family of the missing person to see the case is still being actively looked at. Remember it can be the smallest tip that can solve the mystery and give some family the answers they so desperately need.  There are times when the disappearance could be something criminal and if you are concerned for your own safety in any way Crime Stoppers allows you to leave a tip anonymously.  RCMP have advised next month it will be a missing person case from 1957….