My heart goes out to the Mbaruk family with the horrible news that Brian’s body has been located.  I know many people will say “Well at least the family has closure.” But it does not make it any easier, it’s the worst news a family of a missing loved one can get – at least while there is no body you still have hope.

Brian’s family has endured months of wondering what happened to him and the frustration of lack of  evidence. At the time of Brian’s disappearance there were several other young men around the same age that went missing from the Vancouver Area. There was some speculation that these disappearances could be connected in some way. Shortly after a media release one of the men was located living under a new name, trying to start a new life. I know the families of a missing person would love to have this out-come but unfortunately it is pretty rare.

There are so many missing people of BC – all of Canada actually – that it seems hard to believe that they are not related in some way. Sadly now that Brian’s body has been found and police advise it was a tragic accident the families of the other men have one less reason to believe there is something sinister going on.

For Brian’s family there is no more hope that he may some day come home….Now the true grieving can begin. Thinking of Brian and his family. RIP Brian.