I grew up with Border Collies and know they are very smart and love to round-up sheep, cows, ducks, and even people but I had no idea they were also really good at searching for missing people and pets. These two dogs in this video are rescue dogs and live for the search. Since 1986 the  International Canine Rescue Services of USA has located over 4000 missing persons and close to 4000 pets. The RCMP have dogs they use for tracking criminals and are sometimes used for missing person cases and The Canadian Avalanche Rescue Dog Association does an amazing job of finding people lost in avalanches.

Alberta is very active in missing person cases and have a Search and Rescue Dog Association of Alberta and even have a Scent Dog News Letter that is produced quarterly. When someone goes missing the first few hours and days are the most important and with the help of the trained Rescue dogs many people have been located.

Check out these amazing dogs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4J41Y6_YQBI&feature=share

Canadian Avalanche Rescue Dog Association http://www.carda.ca/

Search and Rescue Dog Association of Alberta http://www.sardaa.ca/