Brad Desmarais, a senior Vancouver Police Officer, advises  the police are handling missing persons cases better now. He says  when a  high risk sex worker is reported missing the media is now notified in 10 minutes. That is great news for Vancouver but what about the rest of the missing sex trade workers across BC. We need to have all missing persons treated the same including sex trade workers, elderly people, people with mental or physical health issues,healthy people…. every single missing person has someone who is tormented by their disappearance. Brad has suggested a 1-800 number to report a missing person. Pretty sure means for the Vancouver Area but this would be great for all of BC and across Canada. (1-800-Missing?)

Currently the missing people of BC are listed on various police sites and some missing people (like my son) do not have a RCMP file page, however he is listed on Crimestoppers and many other Missing Persons Sites. With all the technology we have available now  there is no reason that all the missing people  of BC cannot be posted in one location for the public to view. Brad also advised the families should have access to the investigator via the internet. This is a great idea and again this should be for all missing people’s families.

I believe there should be a Central Data Base on the internet for all the missing people linked to all the RCMP and Police Departments of BC, where the missing  can be displayed along with the information about their disappearance. This could be available for the public to view and send in any tips.  It would be great if the information about the missing person could be updated by the family of the missing –  with the Police departments and RCMP  having access to the police  files off-line. A Central Data Base for the missing would also show any similarities to the many missing people from BC and could be linked to other Central Data Bases for the missing of other provinces. Currently there are many people who have been missing for many years but are only posted on Websites that are run by people like myself, who are interested in having Missing People recognized more. Once a loved one goes missing it doesn’t take long for them to completely disappear from the media as well.  It’s importmant that a missing person is known to be Missing…