Mothers Day for a mother of a missing child is bitter-sweet.  The cherished memories of past Mothers Day comes with the pain of knowing your child has disappeared. When your child is missing a part of you is missing,  and any special day brings special memories with special heartache. This will be my 6th Mothers Day since our son Michael went missing. I am thankful for my other children and my grandchildren but there is always a certain emptiness on any day when the family is together. I know that will never change. It was the love of my children and grandchildren that helped me put one foot in front of the other and carry on, even though Mike was missing. It doesn’t matter how many children you have, they each have a special place in your heart and that part of your heart is broken to pieces when your child goes missing.

This year I will fondly look back to the many Mothers Days of the past, knowing the bittersweet pain will be there as well.  I remember my sweet little children with their small pudgy fingers presenting me hand-made cards and I’m sure many mothers were given the little paper mache hand imprints of their young child. I still have each one of these cards and hand imprints…

The rush of meeting my new-born babies for the first time was the most incredible exhilarating moment in my life and I was overwhelmed by the love I was capable of. Suddenly my life had purpose. When my children were young I felt like a mother hen as I proudly showed off my brood, fiercely protective of my little ones. I watched with wonderment and awe as my children grew and matured, first step, first tooth, swimming lessons, riding a bike without training wheels,first day of school, printing their first word, first job, driving lessons ….  These and many other memories I will hold near and dear to me as Mothers Day draws near.

This Mothers Day there will be many mothers who have a child missing and for some this will be their first Mothers Day without their child. Sadly a day that has so many fine memories becomes a day you dread. I will be thinking of the many (too many) Mothers of a Missing Child and I hope that the memories of past Mothers Day will be of some comfort. Even though your child is missing you are still the mother of your child, the love is still there …that will never change.

Family is Forever