It’s a parent’s worst nightmare…your child is missing and there is no reasonable explanation for their disappearance. In an instant your life is altered forever. As time moves forward there is less and less media coverage but for the parents of a missing child the nightmare continues for the rest of their lives.

Two years ago our daughter Sarah ran the Marathon of Hope in Victoria BC and raised almost $3000.00 for the Missing Children Society of Canada. Sarah ran the marathon in honor of her brother Michael who went missing at the age of 25 on January 10, 2006 from Kelowna BC. The Marathon was a very emotional day for our family but also was a healing process as we watched Sarah run and encouraged her from the side lines. Sarah’s oldest brother Dan (our son) and Sarah’s boyfriend Trevor ran the last kilometre of the Marathon and crossed the finish line with her.

This year Sarah is running again on October 7, 2012  and her brother Dan will run the 42.2 kms with her in honor of their missing brother Mike. Sarah is hoping to raise even more than the almost $3000.00 she raised two years ago for the Missing Children Society of Canada.

Please see the link to the Missing Children’s Society of Canada – Girl on a Mission –  This is a very worthwhile cause and Missing Children Society of Canada has helped thousands of families over the years.