Over the past few months there have been several missing persons from BC that have been found deceased. It’s very hard to read about the family and their heartache as they come to terms their missing loved one will never be coming home, at least not the way they had wished for – that tiny ray of hope has been snuffed out.  When the reports of a missing person first becomes pubic quite often the family will be interviewed and the pain they are feeling radiates from them. The families of the missing all want the same thing – for their family to be whole again, to have their normal lives back. As time moves forward the hope begins to fade but that little spark – the little hope for a big miracle is always there. When the body of your loved one is found that hope is smashed to smithereens and suddenly you have gone from being a family with a missing loved one to a family in full-blown grief.

People will say things like “Well at least you have closure”  but it’s not the closure any family would hope for. Is there such thing as closure for a family with a missing loved one? I would imagine there would be a certain amount of peace knowing you don’t have to keep wondering and searching for answers… I honestly don’t know because our son has been missing for over 6 years now, but I would think there would still be many unanswered questions  the family will just have to learn to live with –  Why did this happen? If you are a religious person I would imagine you would ask How could a God, supposedly a loving God would allow this to happen? I don’t know if any of the questions will ever be fully answered.

Another common thing some people seem to say a lot is “Time Heals All Wounds.” Not sure if that is true either because the loss of a loved one never heals completely…the wound is still there and the pain of your loss can fester anytime, sometimes when you least expect it.

On a personal level when a missing person is found it breaks my heart to update the Status of my blog to SADLY FOUND DECEASED. I have had a heavy heart the past few weeks and have considered shutting down this blog because I know it is painful for the family members to have a reminder that their loved one was once missing, there once was hope  they may come home again. But then I think about the families that are just dealing with a missing loved one and I know the lack or resources that are available in BC and how frustrating it can be so for now I will continue with the updates and continue posting when a person from BC Canada goes missing.

Hopefully  the RCMP Central Data Base for Missing People the RCMP are promising to create over the next few years will have links to many resources for the families with a missing loved one.

If you have a missing loved one that was found and would like to have them removed from this site please contact me.