Lisa Marie went missing from a house party in Nanaimo on June 30, 2002 and her family has been searching for answers to her disappearance since that day ten long years ago.

Anniversary dates are very hard for the family and friends of a missing loved one. The anniversary date for Lisa Marie is now in the double digits and I am sure that would be very significant for all who are missing her. The pain of a missing loved one never goes away, it is constantly there, a throbbing reminder that your life is not whole. But in order to survive and especially for the sake of other family members you go on, but life as you know it has changed forever.

Lisa Marie’s mother, Joanne Young, has worked hard over the years to keep her daughter’s disappearance in the media, something that a real struggle as any one who has experienced a missing loved knows.  This year Joanne planned a candle light vigil on June 23 in Nanaimo BC, a week ahead of the anniversary date of Lisa Marie’s disappearance so it didn’t interfere with the Canada Day celebrations. Lisa Marie would be 31 years old this year and Joanne said “It was even quite a struggle to get into planning this because it is really hard emotionally.” Joanne is pleading for anyone with information of her daughter’s disappearance to contact Nanaimo RCMP or Crime Stoppers.