When you have a missing loved one every day is another marker since your loved one went missing. The anniversary dates are especially hard on the family and friends of a missing person.
The Surrey RCMP have started a new alert listing of the month by “highlighting” unsolved missing persons cases of Surrey. This is a great idea and hopefully the other RCMP and Police Detachments will start doing the same. One of the hardest thing for the family and friends of a missing person is how quickly their disapearance  becomes old news. If your lucky it will be in the media for a week or two but unless there is any new development the media soon moves onto the next “new” story.

This July it has been three years since Yashpal Mehay, age 40,  went missing from Surrey. BC. Yashpal, who is a loving  husband and father, drove his usual route to the South Cariboo area where he ran a gas station with his brother in law. Yashpal had been driving the trip from Surrey to Clinton every second week for three years to manage his business. He was last seen at a Staples Store in Chilliwack BC and was driving a grey 2003 Mazda MPV with B.C. licence 494KVK. Needless to say his family has been devestated by Yashpal’s disappearance and are desperate to find out what could have happened to him. RCMP advise he has no health problems, addiction issues, marital difficulties or criminal affiliations  or history.  Thinking of Yashpal and his family as they endure the three-year anniversary of his disappearance.