Gina Degerness has been searching frantically for Lucas since he went missing from Prince George more than five years ago. Like most family and friends with a missing loved one Gina has been using the social media, including Facebook, to get the word out about her missing son. A month after the five-year anniversary of Lucas’s disappearance there was tip on Facebook and Gina immediately followed up on the tip that lead her to Gas Town, downtown Vancouver. Gina has been handing out missing posters to thousands of people asking if they have seen her missing son. Gina says that many people say they recognize his picture and several people have called Lucas by the nickname “Skywalker”. Gina was very excited to hear the nickname because neither the family or RCMP released the nickname to the public.

When you have a missing child you are continually searching every waking moment and to finally get a tip that seems very positive is the best news for any parent! Gina says this is the first tip in five years but unfortunately the tip has turned out to be a false lead although Gina believes her son is somewhere in the Lower Mainland. The hard part for any family is knowing that you can’t physically search forever, although your heart and mind are searching every second of every day.

Lucas is pictured at the age of 14 when he went missing and aged enhanced picture at age 19. If anyone knows anything, sometimes even the smallest tip can give the RCMP the information they need, please contact the RCMP or  Crime Stoppers if you want to remain anonymous.

Thoughts are with Gina and her family as they continue in their search for Lucas…