20 years ago some bones were found in a Manitoba Hay Field.  The bones were approximately 15 months old and at that time were identified as a woman so police began searching all the missing women cases. Boxes of files were accumulated over the next 20 years. In 2011 the Cold Case Detectives took another look at the evidence and decided they needed another look at the body. The remains were exhumed from the Ashern Manitoba cemetary and thanks to DNA it was discovered the bones were actually that of a man. 10 months later with the help of DNA the bones were identified as that of  20-year-old Patrick Lawrence Rosner, who was reported missing in Winnipeg in 1989. This was done by comparing the DNA of Patrick to his blood relatives and is the way that a DNA Data Bank of all the Missing People of Canada could be stored. It would mean that the family with a missing loved one would know that if a body was found on the other side of Canada it would be compared to the DNA of their loved one. The family and friends of a missing person need to find out the answers as soon as possible….

The family of Patrick have been wondering and living with the anguish of a missing loved one for over 20 years. Now at least the family knows where Patrick is and hopefully there will be some answers to the many questions that are still weighing heavy on the family and friends of the 20-year-old. Patrick was in love with a girl, had a good job and got along well with his family so everyone that knew Patrick knew he did not leave on his own accord.

Hopefully this will show the importance of a DNA Data Bank for all the missing Canadians. It is the Un-Known that is the hardest for the family and friends of someone who has disappeared.

Thinking of Patrick and his family and friends….RIP Patrick.