Tamara Chipman, 22, went missing while hitch hiking from Prince George to Terrace BC September 2005. This is the highway known as “Highway of Tears“ Tamara is just one of over a dozen women who have gone missing over the past twenty years. When Tamara went missing there were some outstanding criminal charges against her. There were rumors that Tamara was in hiding to avoid the charges but people who knew her well said she would not do that to her family or friends.

On November 13, 2012 these charges were stayed against Tamara.Neil MacKenzie, communications counsel for the Criminal Justice Branch of the provincial government said  “Crown concluded that the charge assessment standard for proceeding is no longer met,” he said. ”There is no fixed schedule for case reviews to take place and there’s no specific amount of time that passes before prosecutors decide to stay charges,” he added. Although Tamara`s family and friends are glad the charges are now dismissed they would still like answers to her disappearance.