The anniversary date is very hard for the family and friends of a missing loved one. As the day draws nearer memories come flooding back as you relive the nightmare. The shock and horror of having your loved disappears never goes away but in order to survive you somehow learn to live with the pain but the anniversary date is very emotionally draining.
Rhody Lake went  Missing from Sunshine Coast, BC, November 27, 2005. Rhody is 5ft 3 in, 130lbs, and has grayish red hair. This November 27th marks the seven-year anniversary of Rhody’s disappearance. She was 80 years old at the time she went missing, this photo taken just one year before. Rhody was last seen that day (Grey Cup Sunday) walking along a road near Porpoise Bay Park, two miles from her home, about 3:30pm, an hour before dusk. Snow had fallen the night before, and the next day she was seen taking two short walks in her neighborhood before noon, and in the afternoon she took a longer route, to where she was last seen. Rhody walked everyday, was a strong and experienced walker and hiker of trails all her adult life, in many parts of the lower mainland and on the Sunshine Coast. An extensive search was held for five days and nights, by land, air and sea, as well as many searches organized by family throughout the following months and years, but no clues or evidence of what happened or her whereabouts have ever been found.
Apart from being a beloved family member to her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews, and a dear friend to many, she was also well-known as an accomplished writer, artist, teacher, activist and health advocate in the communities she has lived. She held newspaper columns in the 1950’s – 1970’s for West Vancouver’s “Lions Gate Times” and Vancouver’s “Province” and “Sun”. In the 1980’s she included painting, drawing and sculpture to her passions, producing pieces many people still enjoy today. In the early 1990’s she went back to writing and accepted a position as editor of the health magazine, “Alive”. She moved from Langley to the Sunshine coast in 1998 and continued with Alive until 2001. She retired at the age of 76 and spent her time writing articles, doing art, walking, hiking, and caring for the beautiful home and garden she had built on the Sunshine Coast.
Rhody’s disappearance, and wondering what happened to her that day, remains a haunting mystery and a shocking tragedy for her loved ones. Every year when Grey Cup day approaches these feelings are triggered even more so. Her family want to honor her at this anniversary time and hope that publicity like this can help to bring answers. For more information or anything you feel could help Rhody’s case, please contact Sunshine Coast RCMP at 604 885 2266.