Matthew_HuszarDecember 15 it will be one year since Matthew went missing. It’s your worst nightmare when someone you love goes missing and it only becomes worse when you can’t find any trace of them. Matthew’s family and friends have hung up posters all over the Vancouver area, talked to dozens of reporters and pleaded with the public for any information regarding Matthew’s disappearance. There doesn’t seem to be any reasonable explanation for Matthew to have gone missing.

Matthew was last seen in Gastown after a Christmas celebration with his co-workers at Lamplighter Pub at 92 Water Street in Gastown. Matthew’s co-workers advised he was not intoxicated and was looking forward to spending time with his family in the upcoming days. There is no evidence that Matthew was a victim of crime or of suicide…he just seems to have vanished into the air.

Please if you know anything about Matthew’s disappearance or even if you have heard rumors, no matter how bizarre, please report it to the Vancouver City Police. If you want to remain anonymous Crime Stoppers is a great way to leave a tip.

Anniversary dates of your loved one’s disappearance are very hard to deal with. The days leading up to actual day are especially brutal too and my heart goes out to Matthew’s family and friends.words cant explain how much i miss you