photo (1)The dreaded anniversary date of our son Michael James Bosma`s disappearance  is here again. It has been seven years since Mike went missing and there has been many changes in our lives but there is always an empty spot no matter what we are doing.  Mike had recently been released from the Kelowna psychiatric ward and was staying in a transition house operated by Interior Health. He went for a walk at 9 PM on January 9, 2006 and was to be back at 11 PM for medication. Mike never came back and we were contacted the next morning around 9 AM and advised Mike was missing.

We checked all the places we knew Mike liked to go but could not locate him. We were advised by Interior Health Mike had been reported missing to the RCMP but when we went to the RCMP station they had no record of his disappearance so we started a file. Somehow there ended up being two missing files on our son for a while. We contacted the media and put up posters all over town. Family and Friends took posters and hung them up all over the Okanagan Valley. It was and is surreal that our son is missing. Strange how something can feel fresh and old at the same time. Until you have someone you love go missing you have no idea of the heartache and torment that is behind the missing person cases you read about and see on TV.

We will wait for our son to come home till the end of our days.