emma 2Emma Fillipoff, 26, has been missing since Nov. 28, 2012 from Victoria, BC.  Emma’s mother,  Shelley Fillipoff has been searching for her daughter ever since. It has been over five weeks  since Emma went missing and Shelley is at the cross-road of deciding to scale back the search. This is a very hard decision to make and everybody has to do what works for them. There is no right or wrong choice, just horrible choices.

When your loved one first goes missing you are running on adrenaline, surviving on limited sleep and lots of coffee. Handing out Missing Posters of your loved one is a horrifying  gut wrenching experience. It is just so wrong!

Social Media is a great way to spread the news of a Missing Person, which Shelley  has made excellent use of resulting in a  lot of awareness of Emma’s disappearance.



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