sure miss you a lotThe past six months have been busy months for our family. So many changes as life just keeps keeping on. I have been so busy I have neglected this blog and barely kept up with my Missing People of BC Face Book. I contemplated shutting down this blog and giving up my Face Book page but now that life has calmed down some… its time to start posting again.  I feel like I have gained back some small part of me these past few months. I have started taking better care of myself, jogging on a regular basis, removing negative energy and trying to eat better.

Although we have had some very busy amazing family times the past year our son Mike was never out of my thoughts.  It has been almost 8 years since he went missing but in some ways it seems just like a few days ago. Occasionally I still like to day dream Mike will show up and our family will be whole again. I still shed tears for our missing son, although mostly in private. Occasionally when I meet someone for the first time and the conversation turns to family the tears will come. Just a little awkward – and not always a great way to meet a new person! So strange – but once the tears have poured out for a few minutes I am totally fine and can carry on a conversation.

I have learned to grit my teeth and keep on smiling even while dealing with people who think they are an expert on how we should be dealing with our sons disappearance. I have also learned to distance myself from these kind of people. The crazy thing is these same people have never  dealt with anything even remotely as horrifying as having a child go missing but feel the need to tell us to “Move on”.

Since our son went missing I have met several parents who have lost a child by a death and the pain we endure is very similar, although I really don’t think there is any one way to react to the loss of a child. It truly is unnatural to lose a child and only people who have experienced such a loss know the depths of despair a person is capable of.

Now that this much time has passed my heart  no longer sinks,  and skips a beat when a body is found that is only a day or two deceased. If there are human remains found I wait for the news but I am able to carry on with my day. My internet access during the day is very limited and I think actually its a good thing. We have to accept the fact that we may never know what happened to our son Mike.

I think the thing that really amazes me is how little people know about the many missing people all over Canada. I try to focus on BC and even that can be overwhelming at times with the amount of people who go missing. At least now with Social Media there is a way to get the news spread about a missing person to the public. Sadly some people are still falling through the huge cracks in the system, especially people with Mental Health Issues or substance abuse. If we could somehow improve our Mental Health System it would make a huge difference as to how many people would go missing.

I will try to keep up with the many Missing People of BC and will remove a person from this website if they have been found safe. I’m sure the found person and their family just want to regain their old lives back….