Gregory HRENYK, 43, Missing October, 2009, Watson Lake, BC

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Gregory HrenykGregory Hrenky   was last seen hitchhiking south on the Alaska Highway in October of 2009. The family and friends of Gregory have not heard from him since and are anxious for some answers.  If you know anything about Gregory’s disappearance please contact your local RCMP or Crime Stoppers if you want to remain anonymous.

Veronica LEM,49, Missing June 2009, Vancouver BC

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Veronica was last seen by her family at the Vancouver Airport as she was waiting to board a plane but she never arrived at her destination in Toronto. Her family is concerned for her well-being and the RCMP would like Veronica to contact them to advise that she is safe. The RCMP have said that her whereabouts will remain confidential.


Robert Slaughter, 43, Missing April 2009, Esquimalt BC

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Robert was last seen at his home in Esquimalt BC April 4 2009. Robert uses his bike as a main transportation. Robert was known to have substance abuse problems and was involved with the downtown community. Robert’s family is very concerned for his well-being and are desperate for answers to his disappearance http://www.vicpd.ca/uploads/media_briefing/2009-09-01.pdf

Cory Vallee, 34, Dangerous and missing from Vancouver BC since October 2009

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Cory is a violent person and wanted by the RCMP.  If you see Cory phone 911


Jim NEUFELD, 55, Missing January 2009 Penticton BC

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Jim was last seen by his family January 21 2009 as he drove away in his van.  His van was located in Hope in February 2009 but Jim has not been seen since


Zeyu QU, 18, Missing August 2009, Burnaby BC UPDATE No longer Listed on RCMP website but not sure if he has been found

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Zeyu was taking an English course and left a message on August 9, 2009  that he would be back in a few days.  Zeyu has not been seen since. Zeyu  took some of his belonging with him which could be in either a yellow carryon type of suitcase or a large blue knap sack. 



Geoff Meisner, 33, Missing November 2009 Kelowna BC

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Geoff is the father of four young daughters but sadly Geoff’s wife had him declared legally dead due to the circumstances surrounding his disappearance. Unfortunately several of the missing people from BC have ended up murdered because they were involved with the wrong people. The old saying “If it sounds too good to be true….It probably is” is something that we seem to be forgetting as a society. Even so Geoff still has family and friends that would answers and closure. http://www.kelowna.com/2009/12/01/west-kelowna-man-missing/

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