Attempted Kidnapping, Friday August 17, 2012, Summerland, BC

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A 13-year-old girl was walking down a road in Summerland BC when a man grabbed her hand from behind. When she pulled her hand away the man slapped her across the face. Luckily when the girl began to scream the man ran away. The girl was able to give the following description to the RCMP:

  • Aboriginal
  • 30 to 40 years of age
  • 6′ tall 
  • Approximately 175 pounds.
  • With scaring or pockmarks over his entire facial region.




Attempted Kidnapping, Friday, August 17, 2012, Comox, BC

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A nine-year old girl was riding her bike around 4 PM on Friday in Comox, BC when two men in a van pulled up beside and said “Have you ever been kidnapped before?”

The girl ignored the men and rode home and told her mother what had happened. The RCMP were called and the girl was able to give a very good description of the men.The driver was about 50, had a scar on his left cheek and was clean-shaven. He was wearing jeans and a navy blue T-shirt. The passenger had a star tattoo on the left side of his neck, had blond hair, a moustache, a small scar under his lip. He was wearing blue jeans and a black T-shirt. The van is described as Blue Cargo Van with windows on the rear doors and panels on the side. Hopefully these two men will be located soon:


Another Attempted Abduction of a child in Victoria BC, June 27, 2012 UPDATE Police release Composite Drawing of Suspect

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The past few weeks there have been several reports of attempted abductions of children in Victoria BC and surrounding areas. On Wednesday June 27, 2012 a 10-year-old girl was approached by a man who asked her for help and to accompany him to his van. Thank goodness the girl did not fall for this ploy and instead ran to a nearby family member. The incident was reported to the Victoria Police. We need to remind our children of the trickery that kidnappers will use to lure them into danger.



Two Attempted Child Abductions in Victoria BC, May 2012


This past week two children reported being approached by a stranger and asked to get into a vehicle in Victoria BC. Police at first did not believe there was anything to worry about and weren’t sure if the story was correct. Several days later a second child reported a man approached him and asked him to get into his Van. The School sent home a notice advising parents to remind children to walk in groups and walk on a well travelled road. Many parents are opting to drive their children themselves.


Attempted Kidnapping March 29 and April 3, 2012, both in Nanaimo, BC

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RCMP are warning the public about two cases of men approaching teen age girls in Nanaimo BC with “sexual intent.” On March 29th at around 7:30 PM as man sitting on a bench near a Tim Horton ask an 18-year-old if she wanted to participate in a pornographic movie. Thankfully when the man was told no he walked away. He is described as “Caucasian, 5 ft 9 inches  tall, and possibly of middle-Eastern descent. He had  “rough-weathered skin” and wore a dark-blue rain jacket, and a white smart phone.”

The second incident was on April 3 again in Nanaimo BC, when a man in a pickup pulled up to a 14-year-old girl and asked her if she wanted to go smoke some pot. RCMP advise the girl said no but did agree to meet the man when he offered to buy some cigarettes. The girl accepted the cigarettes and walked away. This man is  described as Asian in his mid 30′ and chubby and wearing sunglasses.  “This incident had the classic signs of grooming and this youth was in extreme  danger when she agreed to meet the male,” says Constable Gary O’Brien of the  Nanaimo RCMP.”

The RCMP have tips for anyone approached by a stranger

• never accept anything from strangers as this is simply a way to initiate  conversation and contact with you

• never get into a vehicle and never agree to meet them later

• try to record their license plate number, even several numbers or letters  can be useful, take a picture of it with your cell phone or create a text  message

• remember details about the person(speech, smell, tattoo’s) or vehicle(  stickers, tattoos, rust etc )

• if you or your friends are approached , do not get separated and report the  contact to the police, parents, teachers or and someone immediately

It’s really too bad that we have to worry about these sorts of things but we do and we need to be aware that this can happen to anybody at an any time!

Read it on Global News:  Global BC | Nanaimo RCMP warning about men approaching teenage girls with sexual intent e RCMP offer these following tips if approached by a Stranger:




Read it on Global News:  Global BC | Nanaimo RCMP warning about men approaching teenage girls with sexual intent

Attempted Kidnapping Thursday March 29, 2012, Coquitlam BC

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A 13-year-old boy was walking home from school in Coquitlam BC when a man in a car stopped and asked the boy to get in the car. The boy told the man “No” and walked away. The boy’s mother contacted the Coquitlam RCMP who interviewed the boy and said the following:

This young man and his mother did everything right, said Cpl Jamie Chung. He stayed calm, kept himself safe, told his mom what happened and was able to give our investigator a good description of the man and his vehicle. And his mom called police to report the incident. We really couldn’t have asked for anything more from either of them


Attempted Kidnapping of two children in Calgary Alberta, April 3, 2012

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Although this happened in Calgary Alberta I thought I would post this in my blog considering that Calgary is only hours away from BC.

Two children ages 9 and 10 were walking down the street on Tuesday April 3, in Calgary when a car pulled up and the driver got out and actually grabbed  one of the children right off the ground! Luckily this child knew what to do and began screaming and kicking which scared the offender  away and back into his car. So very thankful this child knew what to do! If you have children in your life make sure they know how to react to an abduction:

Act like a stranger and see how your children react. Teach them the proper way to respond. Kids should:
  • Run away.
  • Yell loudly.
  • Say exactly what is happening Examples:
    • “Help, this is not my Dad.”
    • “Help, this is not my Mom.”
    • “Help, I’m being kidnapped.”
    • “Help, call the police.”

    If Children just scream, people may think they are only throwing a temper tantrum.

The more you practice the better your children will be at responding to difficult situations


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