When I started this blog my point  was to bring attention to all the young missing men that just disappear and we never hear about them again. It didn’t take long for me to decide that it wasn’t just young men, although there have been hundreds of young men that have gone missing over the years, there were also many older men, and women of all ages. So I began to make sure all missing adults of BC  were added to my blog. I guess we are lucky in BC because it is rare for a child to go missing and of course when a child does go missing it big news and luckily we now have the Amber Alert.  I’m sure everyone remembers the case of Michael Dunahee and how much media attention that brought. My children were around the same age as Michael Dunahee when he went missing and I shed a few tears for the family that was pleading on the Local News many nights.

While searching information about missing people I realized that there are many missing criminals. Most of these are criminals that were released from Prison with strict conditions that they did not abide by and made a choice to disappear. I decided I would add these missing criminals as they were from BC but I added a separate category for them. “Missing Criminal of BC”.

It was around that same time that I began to read about the many abduction attempts, which could be a reason that someone has disappeared so I added a category for “Attempted Abductions in BC 2010-2011”. These of course are only the ones that make the news or the RCMP report and I am sure there are many others.

Recently it dawned on me as the RCMP would release an advisory of a High Risk Sex Offender, telling the public where this High Risk Offender would be living, that these individuals had been in the news a lot. Mostly from being released, going missing, not abiding by their probation, getting arrested and inevitably getting released.

One such case is Roger Badour. I listed him in my Missing Criminal Section and while doing some research on this creep found that he had walked away from a half way house in June of 2008. Police released a warning for the public advising that Roger lengthy criminal history, including violent sexual assaults against women, usually targeting those with mental-health or substance-abuse problems. His release from prison was subject to him residing in a supervised half-way house. Roger was arrested for breach of probation and placed back in jail.

January of 2011 Roger was released again and almost immediately he went missing. Police released a public warning that this man had a long criminal history and convictions for sexual assault with a weapon, forcible confinement, and  uttering death threats for offences in Penticton, Vancouver and Ontario. The police advised that Roger is known to target adult women who are alone and befriending them especially if they were  socially vulnerable. October, 2011 police released another warning to the public  advising that this dangerous predator was still missing. A month later Roger was stopped in Penticton for a traffic violation. Roger tried to use a false name but the RCMP soon realized there was a Canada Wide Warrant for this guy. They searched his car and found three guns (two of the guns were loaded) and some pot. Roger was arrested and that’s when the RCMP realized he was driving the car of a woman who lived in Princeton BC. Police asked one of the RCMP members in Princeton to check on the woman and all though the house was locked up tight she was found dead in her residence. She had been shot. Roger is now back behind bars and charged with the murder.

Shortly after this horrible act became public another High Risk Sex Offender ended up in the news. This time it was in Kamloops BC. Jack Frose was released from Prison May 2011 and once again police issued an advisory to the public. These are the exact words that the police sent out for the press release in May 2011:

“Mr. Froese has a criminal record involving sexual related offences. His criminal history includes sexual offenses against adult females.

His method of operation is to befriend a female prior to any offense occurring. He has also randomly selected a female victim and used a knife during the commission of a sexual offense.

Mr. Jack Froese is currently bound by an 810.1 Criminal Code Recognizance and is being supervised by the Kamloops Probation Office and is being monitored by the Kamloops City RCMP Serious Crime Unit. Mr. Froese must abide by various court ordered conditions of his release including the following:

• Not to have contact, direct or indirect, with any of the victims of offences for which he has been convicted or any known members of their immediate families.

• Not to possess any knives except for the immediate preparation and consumption of food, nor is he to possess, own or carry any weapon or any imitation firearm or other related items listed in the condition.

• Not to consume or possess any controlled substances excluding prescription medication prescribed by a licensed physician or dentist.

• Not to be outside his residence between the hours of 11pm and 6am daily except for employment purposes or for a medical or dental emergency.

• Not to possess any tool or device that can be used for the purposes of restraint including duct tape, straps, rope or wire unless specifically needed for on-site employment.

• Not to mask or disguise his face.

• Not to access or possess pornography of any kind including pornographic images accessed via the internet.

• Not to occupy a private residence, dormitory, hotel, inn, or other building where persons sleep or reside without providing the owner or a resident of the building a copy of the recognizance and informing them that he has been convicted of a sexual offence.

According to police they were watching this creep as much as possible and yet he still managed to kidnap a woman and hold her for almost 24 hours sexually assaulting her, before the woman was either released or managed to get away. I’m sure we will find out later the details. This poor woman suffered horribly at the hands of this maniac.

These are just two of the recent cases in BC of High Risk Sex Offenders being released and the RCMP knowing full well that there is a very real possibility that this predator will re offend.

Currently there is no data base for the list of High Risk Sex Offenders in our communities. Once again the USA does have such a data base! I will now start another section and list these creeps as the warnings are released to the Media from the RCMP. The frustrating part is that most of these perverts are serving their full jail sentence, quite often between 5-10 years but when their time is complete there is nothing to prevent them from being released to the unsuspecting public.

I also think that we have almost become desensitized to the News Releases about the High Risk Offenders being released into the public because there are so many!

So now I will start a new section “High Risk Sex Offenders Released in BC” The amazing thing is that most of these disgusting creatures have been released several times over the years only to re offend.

For those of who are getting notification of the entries by email…sorry about all the nasty stuff coming your way. Once I have the list of High Risk Sex Offender released for the past year, hopefully it will only be an occasional notice.

Please stay safe and be aware of your surroundings.