High Risk Sex Offender Daniel PERRAULT,39, Released October 19, 2012, Vancouver, BC


Daniel Perrault is known as the “Baby Faced Killer” has been released from Kent Maximum Security Prison and plans on living in Vancouver BC. Daniel refused treatment while serving his prison term and is at a high risk to re-offend. Over the past 22 years he has raped a women after escaping from jail and stomped a man to death. http://www.globaltvbc.com/high-risk+sex+offender+released+today+in+vancouver/6442737113/story.html

High Risk Sex Offender,Jason Neil BEAUDRY,34, Released September 17, 2012, Moved to Creston, BC

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Jason is another one of the many sex offenders that seems to have a revolving door in our prison system. Back in May 2011 Jason was released from jail and he went missing while on probation. Jason was found and returned to jail and released with conditions in November 2011 only to arrested a week later.

The RCMP has issued a warning regarding the recent release of Jason Beaudry who is now living in Creston BC. RCMP advise that Jason has a violent criminal history which includes sexual offenses and use of weapons. Past victims have been male and female. Jason has some conditions he must abide by:

  • Keep the Peace and be of good behavior
  • Notify the Court or the Probation Officer in advance of any change of
  • name or address, and promptly notify the Court or the Probation Officer of change of employment or occupation.
  • To provide Probation Officer with address and not change residency without the prior approval of Probation Officer.
  • Not to be out of his residence if having consumed any alcohol or non-prescription drugs with in the previous 12 hours or when he has alcohol or non prescription drugs in his body.
  • Not to be outside of his residence under the influence of alcohol or drugs.



High Risk Sex Offender Missing May 2011 https://wenswritings.wordpress.com/2011/05/14/jason-beaudry-33-missing-and-wanted-by-rcmp-may-13-2011-creston-bc/

High Risk Sex Offender Released November 2011 https://wenswritings.wordpress.com/2011/12/03/high-risk-sex-offender-jason-neil-beaudry-released-november-17-2011-yahk-bc/


High risk Sex Offender Timothy Everett Rahm, 36, Released September 7, 2012, Moved to Kelowna, BC


Timothy has been in an Alberta jail since 2005 for a sexual assault on a sex trade worker.He was released September 7, 2012  jail and is living in Kelowna BC. RCMP advise Timothy’s criminal record includes sex offences against females and armed robberies.



High Risk Sex Offender, Donald Bakker, Realeasd May 31, 2012, now residing in Abbotsford, BC

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Abbotsford police have issued a warning that Donald Bakker, a convicted sex tourist, with a high risk to re-offend has moved into Abbotsford. Donald originally moved to Penticton after he was released on May 31, 2012 after serving almost seven years for sexually assaulting sex-trade workers in Vancouver and video taping the assaults. He was also convicted of sexually abusing seven Cambodian girls between the ages of seven to 14. Donald was given a sentence of 10 years but only served 7 years because of  “time served” while waiting for his trial. The people of Penticton were disgusted when Donald was moved into their community and eventually he had not place to live and turned himself into the RCMP.

I don’t think there is any community that would welcome a High Risk Sex Offender like Donald Bakker.

High Risk Sex Offender Mervin WALKUS, 35, Missing July 24, 2012, from Halfway House, Vancouver, BC

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Mervin was staying at halfway house in Vancouver BC and failed to return after a day pass. Police advise Mervin is a high risk to re-offend. I have looked but cannot find a press release when Mervin was released. If he is such a high risk to re-offend shouldn’t the public be notified? Quite often the public is not notified of a convicted high risk sex offender living in the area until he is missing.


High Risk Sex Offender, James Maldoon, 61, Getting Released and Living in Vancouver, BC

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The Vancouver City Police have issued a warning that James Maldoon will be getting released from Prison and living in Vancouver, BC. Police advise James is a significant risk to the safety of adult females. The Correctional Service of Canada has assessed Muldoon as a high risk to re-offend both sexually and violently.


High Risk Sex Offender Owen Joe, 40, Missing June 19, 2012, Halfway House, Vancouver, BC UPDATE Owen has been arrested

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Owen Joe was staying at a halfway house in Vancouver BC when he went missing on Tuesday June 19, 2012.  Owen did not return to the halfway house and police issued a Canada wide warrant for his arrest. Owen does not have any ties to the lower mainland area and most of his offending occurred on the Sun Shine Coast. I wonder why there was no alert to the public when Owen was released considering he is a high risk Sex Offender? http://mediareleases.vpd.ca/2012/06/20/high-risk-offender-wanted-canada-wide-2/

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