Phillip Lee LYONS, 37, Missing May 26, 2012, Kelowna, BC

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Philip LyonsPhilip went missing from Kelowna BC while he was staying at a half way house after being released from Prison in May 2012. Philip`s family reported him missing in October 2012 and advised they had not heard from Philip since he went missing from Kelowna BC. Philip`s family say it is unusual for Philip to not have contact with his family.

Philip is very familiar with the Okanagan area but RCMP advise that Philip does have family in New Brunswick.


High Risk Sex Offender Mervin WALKUS, 35, Missing July 24, 2012, from Halfway House, Vancouver, BC

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Mervin was staying at halfway house in Vancouver BC and failed to return after a day pass. Police advise Mervin is a high risk to re-offend. I have looked but cannot find a press release when Mervin was released. If he is such a high risk to re-offend shouldn’t the public be notified? Quite often the public is not notified of a convicted high risk sex offender living in the area until he is missing.


Jeffery GREENWOOD, 27, Missing and Wanted by RCMP June 20, 2012, Surrey, BC

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RCMP advise eight people have been charged for violent jewelry robberies in Surrey and Burnaby.During the robberies, the suspects forcibly took over several pawn shops by using machetes and hammers, and in one case drenching a clerk in lighter fluid. Seven people have been arrested but Jeffrey Greenwood is missing and wanted by the RCMP. Jeffrey has a tattoo of a dog on his neck. Please call 911 if you spot Jeffrey.



Robert James WILLIAMS, 33, Missing and Wanted by RCMP, May 31, 2012, Richmond BC UPDATE Richard has been arrested in Moncton NB


Richard was on parole and failed to return to the halfway house he was staying at. Richard killed a person in Nanaimo BC and was convicted of manslaughter. He was serving a sentence of 8 years and has a record for other violent offenses.


UPDATE: Arrested and Charged with Robbery http://www.news919.com/news/local/article/378228–bank-robbery-suspects-arrested-in-moncton

Vancouver Police are Warning Women after a Sexual Assault March 5, 2012


Police have issued a warning after a young woman was attacked in her apartment building. The woman was attacked from behind but her screams alerted her neighbors to phone 911. Luckily the womans screams scared the attacker off and he fled the scene. Police were unable to locate the man and are warning all women to be aware of their surroundings and report any suspicious people or circumstances.



Kenneth KIRTON, 45, Missing and Wanted by Police, March 4, 2012, Vancouver, BC UPDATE Kenneth has turned himself in to Police


Kenneth is from Surrey BC but has been charged with attempted murder of a 73-year-old woman early Sunday morning in Vancouver BC. According to police Kenneth went into an elderly woman’s house, who is related to him, and tried to rob her. In the process the senior was stabbed several times. Isn’t this guy a hero? NOT! Thankfully this poor woman was able to phone 911 and is recovering in the hospital. Police advise Kenneth is known to hang around Downtown Eastside Vancouver.



High Risk Sex Offender, Sean COOKE, Missing Ridge Meadows, BC UPDATE Sean has been arrested

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The police have issued a warning to the public that convicted Sex Offender Sean Cooke is missing and police know he is hiding from them. Sean was charged in November for assault, and assault with a weapon causing bodily harm. These charges are above and beyond the Sex Offences which Sean was convicted for so obviously he has served his time and was released.


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