Donald BONNER, 48, Missing June 9, 2008, Coquitlam, BC

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DonaldDonald who suffers from Mental Health issues was staying at the Coast Cottages on the Riverview grounds in Coquitlam BC. Donald signed himself out on June 9, 2008 and has been missing since. I am constantly amazed at how many people go missing while in the care of a Mental Health facility.

There is now a Canada wide warrant for Donald for  being unlawfully at large.




Eric BRETT, 50, Missing December, 2005, Nanaimo, BC

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ericEric was last seen at the Nanaimo Hospital around midnight. He was being treated for Mental Health issues at the time. There are many people who have gone missing while suffering from Mental Health. The RCMP advise there was a possible sighting at Port Place Mall but there has been no sign of Eric since then. Eric’s family is desperate for some answers.

The Missing Person and Mental Illness


Every day someone new is diagnosed with a mental illness of some sort in Canada. This includes Depression, Bi-polar and Schizophrenia to name a few. Over the years since our son, Michael, disappeared at the age of 25 from Kelowna BC I have noticed a number of people  with a Mental Illness have gone missing. Unfortunately when someone goes missing with a Mental Health issue, it may not be reported immediately to the RCMP. Even if they are  reported missing often the public doesn’t hear about the disappearance for days. The amazing and scary part is that  a number of people with a mental illness go missing from the very facility they are being treated in. When someone with a mental health issue goes missing they can be a danger to them self and occasionally to other people. Although the incidents where someone with a mental illness has caused harm to someone is quickly spread with the media, making the stigma of mental illness glaringly obvious.

Mental Health is the most important health aspect in our lives and yet very little is done to help those with mental illness. If you have mental health problems  often physical health issues go hand in hand. This makes sense because if you are not feeling well mentally you certainly are not going to care about yourself physically. This is especially true with someone suffering from depression. Unfortunately depression pretty much accompanies most mental illnesses. When you are suffering from depression it is like trying to get through the day with 50 pound weights on your arms and legs. As you can imagine this can be exhausting and many people will end up sleeping their day away which only makes the depression worse because you have not enjoyed your day at all. It’s a vicious circle for any one suffering with mental illness.

When someone goes missing suffering from mental illness they are usually depressed. This should raise red flags for everyone but quite often it is not big news until they have been missing a few days. There are many people, including our son, who have gone missing while under the care of Mental Health Canada and are never found.  Of course suicide is the conclusion that most people will come to and sadly for many people suffering from depression taking their own life is a common occurrence. The stigma attached to mental health issues has been obvious to us since our son went missing. I have actually had people wave their hands as if waving away an annoying fly when I say our son suffers from schizophrenia, as if it’s a reasonable explanation for our missing son.  Just because someone has a mental illness does not mean they are loved and missed any less than someone’s  missing healthy loved one!

Mental Health is not something that is discussed in schools as much as it should be, which is a shame because often Mental Illness begins in the teen years. This needs to change so that the youths of our society can get the help they need without feeling ashamed. We need to realize that mental illness is an illness like any other including cancer, diabetes etc. Mental Illness truly is a cancer of Mental Health and needs to be treated as soon as possible like any other illness or disease.

This month there has been a movement to declare BULL SHIT on the way society fails to support Mental Health for our youth. We need to have the support without the stigma for the thousands of young people in our country suffering from any form of Mental Illness. Please take the time to see the attached link.  The sooner someone is treated for Mental Illness the better the outcome.

Declaration to Declare Bull Shit  http://callbs.ca/#declare-bs


David FOMRADAS, 34, Missing May 20, 2012, Coquitlam, BC

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David Fomradas, 34, was out on a day pass from Colony Farm Psychiatric Hospital  on May 20 when he went missing. David needs his medication as he gets violent with out his meds. David has been in the hospital since he randomly attacked a local actress several years ago and smashed her car into a building after high jacking it. He was found not criminally responsible and was sent to Colony Farm Hospital. Police are advising not to approach David if you see him and call 911 right away.



Deceased Homeless Man with Mental Health Issue Found in Vancouver BC had been brought to Hospital Twice

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On February 2, 2012 a deceased male was found laying in some hedges in the fetal position under a blanket in Vancouver BC. Through fingers prints police were able to identify the 61-year-old man and contacted the family in Ontario.

The man had been living on the Eastside of Vancouver and was known for Mental Health Issues. In September and October of 2011, the Vancouver Police found him in poor condition and suffering from Mental Illness. Both times  the Police brought this gentleman to the  Vancouver hospital and both times he was released. Obviously in September he was released fairly quickly because he was found again  October in rough shape and once again was brought to the hospital.  I am really curious how long he was kept in the hospital and if he spent any time in the Psychiatric ward. I have my doubts!  This happens way too often that people with Mental Health Issues are released much too soon from the hospital and with little or no support. In this case it was the Mental Health Patient  who suffered the consequences but about three weeks later 30-year-old Mohamed Amer, who is known across Canada for violence and property crimes, was brought to the hospital twice for assessment because the police could see he was suffering from Mental Illness. Both times Mohamed was released almost immediately and the last time he was released he stabbed an elderly man who was just sitting in a coffee shop minding his own business enjoying a cup of coffee. Of course this random stabbing made the news and the Vancouver Health Board has promised to review this case. Hmmm Wonder how long that will take? Just how many people are falling through the huge cracks in our Mental Health System and what will it take for this problem to be fixed?


What the Heck is going on with our Mental Health System?

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I love how when ever something happens the Mental Health Board will “review” the situation. How about just some common sense? It seems our Mental Health System is deteriorating almost daily!

This week an innocent elderly man was stabbed by a 30-year-old, Mohamed Amer, who is known across Canada for violence and property crimes. The Vancouver Police picked him up twice on Tuesday February 21, 2012 and brought him to the St.Pauls Hosptital for assessment and twice he was released into the public! This is not a very good Mental Health System. If the Police have suggested this man has mental health issues don’t you think he should at least be assessed for a few days…find out what is going on? But no… this man was just let go and the following afternoon he sits down in a random coffee shop and stabs a random person!

The Mental Health Act allows hospitals to keep a patient involuntarily for up to 48 hours for examination and treatment provided they are examined by a physician who finds they suffer from a mental disorder. If a second doctor examines the patient and concludes he is mentally ill the patient can be kept longer.

Now of course there will be a review board ( a committee to set up a committee to form a committee) to discuss the circumstances leading to Mohamed Amers release…TWICE!

Providence president Dianne Doyle is quoted as saying “Because the public is aware of a particular incident, it’s important for us to be able to get back to the public with what recommendations, if any, an expert panel might provide.”

What about all the cases that the public is not aware about? And trust me there are many! Too Many! People with Mental Health Issues are not getting the treatment they need.



Dean McEwan, 41, responsible for 80 Vehicles Damaged, was reported Missing February 4, 2012.

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Burnaby foreshore

Burnaby foreshore (Photo credit: Wanderin' Weeta)

Dean McEwen was reported missing from the Burnaby General Hospital on February 4, 2012. The Burnaby RCMP put out a press release asking for the publics help in locating Dean. I never saw this press release and I look pretty hard for any information about missing people in BC. Once again this shows how badly a Central Missing Person Data Base is needed for BC.

On Tuesday February 14, 2012 Police started getting calls about a man slashing tires, some people even took cell phone videos. Police eventually arrested Dean later that night.

I searched on Burnaby RCMP Website and did find a news release about Dean McEwen but have not seen any information in the media about this missing man. The News Release advised that Dean McEwan is dangerous and should not be approached. How was this not big news?

Since then the News release has been removed….



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