Samantha PAUL, 26, Missing September 2013, Kamloops, BC

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Samantha PaulThe words of Samantha’s mother broke my heart when I read them ““I love Samantha very much. I miss speaking to her every day. If anybody knows anything please call the police. Help me find my daughter”.
Samantha was reported missing from Kamloops BC. Her family and friends have been searching for her and RCMP advise the search includes all of BC and Calgary Alberta.

If you have any information please contact the RCMP or Crime Stoppers if you want to remain anonymous.  Sometimes the smallest tip that doesn’t seem important to you can be the key to solving the disappearance.


Erica Schmidt, 59, Missing October 5, 2013, Abbotsford, BC UPDATE Sadly Erica’s body has been located

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ericaErica was last seen on October 5, 2013 when she was leaving her family home in Abbotsford BC. Erica did not leave in a car and does not own a cell phone.

Erica’s family are very concerned for her well-being as she was suffering from depression. The family has issued a public appeal for any information to the disappearance of Erica.

Although the Abbotsford police have received several tips there is still no clue as to where Erica could be.

There is also a face book page that has been started.  Social media is a great way to get the news out when you have a missing loved one.

There is still hope that Erica will be home safe with her family for Christmas….we just need that Christmas miracle.

UPDATE http://globalnews.ca/news/1059255/body-of-missing-abbotsford-woman-erica-schmidt-found/

$25,000.00 Reward Offered for Information of the Disappearance of Kevin VALENTYNE, 24, Missing from Vancouver BC since January 7, 2013


RewardThe family of Kevin Valentyne are offering a reward for information on the disappearance of Kevin from Vancouver on January 7, 2013. Kevin’s family are desperate for some answers. If you know anything about Kevin Valentyne please let the family know. The hardest part about having a loved one go missing is the unknown. It’s hard because life  keeps on moving forward and you are stuck, desperate for some answers. People expect you to be continuing on with your life but everything about your life has changed. Kevin’s family and friends lives have changed forever…. birthdays, anniversaries, any special occasion will always have that missing feeling. I would imagine that even if you lose someone you care about to death you have that missing feeling but when someone you love is actually missing it is hard to completely grieve, because you also want to be hopeful. That is one thing a family with a missing loved has is hope. I hope Kevin’s family and friends get some answers soon.

Caitlin MURRAY, 21, Missing September 30, 2013, Quesnel, BC

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caitlin-murrayCaitlin was last seen on September 30, 2013 in Quesnel BC in the early hours of the morning. The Video camera in the area of Fraser Bridge Hotel shows Caitlin parking her car and there has been no sightings of her since that early morning. Caitlin’s family and friends are very concerned for her well-being and have started a Facebook page hoping that someone has some information about her disappearance.

Ridiculous Amount of Missing People in BC


May they all come homeI know it has been few months since I posted the new missing people of BC  on this blog but I am stunned at how many missing people there are to catch up on. To the point of ridiculousness!! Not sure if that is a real word but it sure sums it up! I have been posting the missing people on the Facebook page Missing People of BC daily for the past few years and someday there can be two or more people who go missing just in BC alone. I follow Missing People of Canada and it is amazing how many people from all walks of life that are missing across Canada! Thousands of people and each one of those people have someone who is desperate for answers to their disappearance. Thankfully most missing people are found safe within the first week of being reported missing.
Some people still think you have to wait 24 or 48 hours before you can report a missing adult. This is not true! Report a missing loved one as soon as you realize they are missing. Once you have reported them missing to the RCMP or your local police get the file number and contact the many missing persons sites that are on Social Media such a Facebook. This is a great way to get the public to be aware of your missing loved one. The more you get the news about your missing loved one in the pubic view the better chance you have of locating them. The first few days are the most important and details about where and how they went missing need to be known. I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep notes as soon as you realize your loved one is missing. If the hours turn into days you start to become very scattered and can forget little details that could be very important.

I am glad to see that they are focusing on some of the older cases of Missing Persons…trust me it’s not old for the family with a Missing Loved One. A person has no idea what a nightmare it is to have someone you care about go missing….until it happens.

Daniel DRIEDIGER, 50, Missing September 20, 2013, Terrace, BC UPDATE Daniel has been found deceased

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Daniel DDaniel was last seen on September 20 in the evening when he left for a walk from his home in Terrace BC.  If you have seen Daniel please contact the RCMP or Crime Stoppers.

UPDATE: Sadly Daniel has been found deceased. Thoughts are with Daniels Family and Friends.

Okanagan Women Magazine – A Mother’s Story

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Wendy BIt has been over seven years since our son Mike went missing from Kelowna BC. It still does not seem real, that this is now the norm for our family like. Life will never be “normal” again, but we are slowly adjusting to our new normal.

Until our son went missing January 10, 2006 I had no idea how many people go missing. Now I have become hyper-alert and notice when anyone goes missing. If there is one thing I have learned since our son went missing is report your loved one Missing ASAP. With the social media growing more and more everyday it is truly amazing how fast and how far a missing person case can spread in very little time. Be that squeaky wheel. Keep reminding  people your loved one is missing. And please know that most missing people are found shortly after they are reported missing. But if your loved one is not found start a face book page. Spread the word – join the many missing persons sight. I have a Missing People of BC page and there is a Missing People of Canada that has close to 50,000 members. I realty admire anyone that maintains a Missing Persons page or website. I have limited myself to BC mostly because it can be overwhelming to try to keep up with the thousands of missing people who go missing from all over the world, and yet until you have a loved one go missing you have no idea of the nightmare that so many families are living with every second of every minute of every day.

A few years after our son Mike went missing from Kelowna BC, I signed up for a Creative Writing course at the Okanagan College in Kelowna. It was something that I really needed at that point in my life and I met some amazing creative people.The writing instructor Dona Sturmanis is a very talented writer and has published many articles and very thought-provoking  poetry. I was just starting to write about the experience of having a son go missing and Dona was very interested in my story, encouraging me to write often. A friendship developed and several years ago she wrote a story for the Okanagan Life Magazine.  Recently Dona was diagnosed with breast cancer and has been fighting the battle that so many women have fought. Even though Dona was having chemo she contacted me and said she wanted to write another article about our missing son Mike. This time for a new magazine,  Okanagan Women. What an amazing woman! Here she is fighting her own nightmare battle and yet she thinks about our family and our nightmare that we are living with. I can never repay Dona for her kindness. Dona is a fighter and I look forward to our continuing friendship.

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